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Update: 19th part is up! (Sept 2nd)

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KPop VLog is simply a site which feeds you with daily KPop videos. It debuted on Feb 8th 2009. For quick updates of this VLog you can follow its Twitter.

I'm sorry if sometimes it's a bit outdated because I'm running this VLog by myself and I can't sit updating it 24/7. There are also some cases when I'm busy with school or I'm on vacation and the videos will only be updated after more than a week. I'm sorry for that, but it's really a rare occasion :)

All videos I share here aren't from me. I just want to share and source is always credited. So if I do anything wrong please do tell me.

Some comments are really appreciated, or leave a message at the chatbox ^^ Thanks in advance. If you have some any suggestions to improve KPop VLog, they're very welcome! :) Just leave a message in the chatbox, a comment on any video or send a mail to ndhaa_loves_dbsk[at] .

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Short about myself: I'm Vanda, an 18-year-old Indonesian girl living in Hamburg, Germany. Indonesian people call me ndhaa (pronounced like vaNDA). I have another blog where I post some DBSK news and it's also a place where I write about my days.

Last but not least, thanks for visiting!